Minter Network Validator

Delegate your coins to the Mother Minter validator to receive a steady income in the form of rewards for generating network blocks.
Validator fee 2%!

How to delegate?

Mother Minter – the Minter blockchain validator, in which you can delegate your coins to receive income from rewards for generating blocks and commissions for confirming transactions.

  • Log in the Minter Console
    with your seed-phrase.

  • Copy the address of our node and
    return to section Delegation
    in the console.

  • Paste the copied address, enter the number of coins and click Delegate. You can check your balance in a node in the balance check window.

Fault tolerance of the node

DDoS Protection

We use high-performance physical servers and reliable data centers to ensure the smooth operation of our servers. The duplication technology of the main validator protects the masternode from network failures and other unplanned events that could disrupt its operation.

To protect against DDoS attacks, we use the architecture of the protective circuit of the main validator to hide its actual IP address (Sentry Node Architecture technology). This architecture is a prerequisite for ensuring the security and fault tolerance of the masternode.

Our Public key

Or delegate via Telegram bot: @BipWallet_Bot

  • To delegate BIP to our masternode, enter:

    Mpadeb65fa666a4a8e033d20c1a48d09b3f024eb8756da7f7a21e0932582222222 Sum
  • To delegate another coin to the validator, specify its symbol after the transfer amount:

    Mpadeb65fa666a4a8e033d20c1a48d09b3f024eb8756da7f7a21e0932582222222 Sum Coin
Delegate to Mother Minter
Minter – top-notch high-performance blockchain. Delegate your Minter-coins to our Mother Minter validator. Detailed instructions for delegation by reference.
Detailed instructions